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Until the first part of the 20th Century businesses along the coast from Kasouga to Boknes and beyond, including Boesmansriviermond and Kenton-on-Sea, served small permanent-resident communities. Certain times of the year, mainly Christmas, brought financial relief as holiday makers from the hot hinterland came to their cottages by the sea. Apart from businesses supplying essential services a modest building industry developed around the building of houses, allowing some employment for artisans and general labourers. After the mid nineteen-sixties with the completion of bridges over both rivers and the new coastal road between Alexandria and Port Alfred, other people began to discover the magnificent beauty of the area. The rate of development increased, as also the number of visitors. And because business development here has long been associated with tourism, it was logical that business should include the activities of tourism in its portfolio. The combination of tourism and business in one grouping is fairly unique.

Small decentralised local authorities were started to oversee infrastructural development and maintenance, and larger state organisations became involved in such as the building of schools and the provision of water and sub-economic housing for the increasing numbers of people moving from the poorer surrounding areas.

The political dispensation of the 1990's has seen a swing towards centralisation. A new Ndlambe Municipality was formed, which incorporated all of the smaller municipalities in an area stretching for some 80km. along the coast and 30km. inland. This has brought the inevitable challenges of stretched bureaucratic resources, and the need for organisations such as Ratepayers Associations to form appropriate co-ordinating bodies. Tourism is a portfolio of Central Government, which allocates financial resources to local authorities, including Ndlambe Municipality. We are engaged in ongoing discussions with Ndlambe and other relevant organisations in the area, aimed at co-ordinating tourism, and maximising its reach.

What We Do & Who We Are

    To be a major contributor to growth through increasing the number of visitors, tourists and potential property investors to Kenton-on-Sea and Bushmans River Mouth


    • To attract visitors to our area and assist in ensuring that they leave desiring to return
    • To provide services and support to our members in order to stimulate growth of their businesses

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    In our area every business depends to a greater or lesser degree on Tourism - and, towards growing your business, the Chamber needs both your personal and financial input. To join get the membership form from us now, or download it from the Chamber's section on the web-site. Also consider making yourself available to serve on the Chamber Executive Committee.

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    • Decide which of the options you would want off the Membership Fees Form.
    • Fill in the Application Form, e-mail/return this to office, with selection from Mem. Fees form, as well as photographs and relevant write up, if applicable. Once these and proof of payment have been received, all information will be submitted for inclusion on the Kenton web site.

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    1. Three or Six photographs
    2. Pictures - STD jpeg - min 640 px in width, e-mailed to the office.
    3. Description/write up - not exceeding 400 words, e-mailed to the office. Please do not hesitate to contact the Tourism Office for any further information.

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