Our area has been subject to water restrictions since December 2017. ( see the full details of the notice at https://www.ndlambe.gov.za/
The following is prohibited:

➢ The use of hosepipes
➢ Filling or topping up of swimming pools
➢ The use of sprinklers

As in many parts other of South Africa we are experiencing a severe drought and coupled with a growing population and pressure on resources we would like to prevail upon all residents, businesses and visitors to help us to preserve our water.

“The new normal has become drought” …Patricia de Lille – Minister of Public Works

The water supplied to Kenton, Ekuphumleni, Boesmansriviermond, Riversbend, Marselle and Merryhill all comes from a reverse osmosis plant and our boreholes. Every effort has been made by Ndlambe, and our service provider, Amatola Water to expand our water production plant and repair all leaks but now we need the help of our consumers to assist in preserving our water supply.
It is an imperative that every household and business install rainwater tanks. This will greatly assist in storing water in the peak holiday seasons when our reservoir capacity comes under pressure from the influx of visitors.

Please consider:

1. Use buckets /basins in showers to collect grey water to flush toilets
2. Shower don’t bath and limit the time of your shower
3. Never leave a tap running
4. Only do a load of washing or dishes when you have a full load.
5. Only flush the toilet when necessary.
6. Use a cup instead of a running tap when brushing teeth or shaving.
7. Let food defrost naturally instead of immersing it or placing it under running water.
8. Replace hand soap in the home with hand sanitisers

Other towns and cities have reduced their consumption to 50L per person per day, lets join them in preserving this scarce resource.



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